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In any industry, the ability to adapt to the market to meet your customers’ needs is vital to running a successful business. A defined vision, clear strategy and expertise are key components as well. Wheelco Manufacturing Components analyzes your production and assembly processes and can offer strategic opportunities for success.  

Build your business with people who care

Your success is our success. That’s why Wheelco Manufacturing Components considers a great deal about your company’s visions, goals, and needs. Our  lean manufacturing methodology is a scalable approach to support your operational, manufacturing, and assembly needs. Expect strategic implementation, innovative design, and custom builds tailored to your unique business, now and in the future.

Maximize Profitability

Our just-in-time inventory allows us to eliminate long lead times in your supply chain. This means you can get your products to your customer more efficiently and cost effective.

Fit, Form & Function

We work with engineers and designers, use premium parts for product development, and manufacturing efficiencies. Then we tailor them for your exact equipment specifications. 

Minimize Downtime & Eliminate Waste

We proudly abide by the industry’s strictest lean manufacturing principles. This is done through a systematic method which eliminates waste and minimizes productivity downtime. 

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Innovative Design & Tech Support

Innovation, adaptability, and years of industry knowledge means that we’re here to equip you with everything you need to get the job done right the first time.

However, our process is more than just offering you advice, giving time-honored service or contributing the latest tech-support. It’s about being there—whenever and wherever you need us—in-person, over the phone, or online.

Industry Expertise
& Dedication

We are dedicated to identifying solutions for your business. We are ready to help you make the right decisions when it comes to strategic planning, operational support, equipment design, and custom builds. 

With over 150 years of combined industry experience, our knowledge depth and expertise is immeasurable. Experience strategic planning, innovative design, customized kits, tailored specifically to your applications. 

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with wMC

Industries We Serve

Since we tailor a lean manufacturing methodology to each unique business, we are extremely adaptable. Below are just a few different types of industries we serve. However, each business is unique. So, we’ll listen to your business needs and goals and strategize processes, customize builds, and offer opportunities that are specific to your needs. 

But don't take our word for it,
Take Theirs.

To be competitive in the construction trailer market, SmithCo relies heavily on the entire sales staff, as well as the shop. The resources Wheelco offers allows us to meet our customer's requirements, furnish them with the latest technologies, and have the product knowledge to support their needs. When SmithCo looks to add any component that will go into the trailer design, Wheelco has deserved to be included in that process.
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Greg Fravel | SmithCo

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